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0 Posted by - August 7, 2012 - Rock

Having explored the murky depths of alternative rock with their previous EP ‘Before and After Time/The Lake’ with Keith Talent, alternative rockers ‘Twin Library’ have returned with their new EP Metropolis with a more accessible sound. Yet the spur-of-the-moment style of creating records that Twin Library have become known for is evident here still, with three of the tracks having been made in less than three days. It seems somewhat evident on the EP itself, with all of the songs failing to go beyond the 3 minute mark and the whole thing being over in less than ten.

However, there is a laid back, enjoyable vibe that resonates from this album. ‘Wreckage’, which took longer than two days to record, is a sweet and soft acoustic track that drives along gently. The subtle vocals help create an ambient atmosphere, making it the highlight of the album. It was a shame it ended at two and a half minutes, as there was room to expand.

Elsewhere, there is great promise, such as in opener ‘The Surgery Never Left’ and ‘Lower Flag’, yet they all tend to be held back by two problems. The first is that the vocals often get lost in the swirling feedback and distortion. Whilst it suited the softer ‘Wreckage’ very well, when the songs were more urgent, it didn’t quite have the same impact. The second issue was that at times, the drums didn’t quite drive the song enough. The first two songs could have been more hard hitting, had the drums been brought more into play, but instead they shuffled along, failing to elevate the songs from good to great.

However, it is a promising EP from the alternative rockers, despite its needs for some refinement. No doubt with more time given to each song, as we saw with ‘Wreckage’, they could produce something impressive.


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