Girls – ‘My Ma’

0 Posted by - March 6, 2012 - Other

Girls‘s video for the latest single ‘My Ma‘ is at times both harrowing, beautiful and sad. Shot in a narrative and reflective style, an aging woman undergoes various states of introspection, longing and despair. At times the music and the video reflect like a pond in a mirror might, purposefully in perfect but somehow distorted     syncopation.

The beautiful photographic narrative strikes a chord with the emotional vibrato of the composition of Christopher Owen’s deep and personal lyrical tonality, and is truly mastered by the camera work of Grant Singer and Aaron Brown. This video is a prime example of how music videos are an amalgamation of visual and musical performing arts that manage to create a new art entirely.

While not every music video succeeds to reinforce the lyrical and musical narrative, this video absolutely manages to, without seeming overly forced. The bare, naked and vulnerable truth of aging is brought front and center, making the video connect at a much deeper level, with the subtext and thoughtful use of imagery striking a nuanced cord of honesty.

This video should be best watched alone, with a pair of headphones and a good dose of humility.


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