Captain Stu

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I’ve had the chance…no, opportunity…no, privilege to see these guys live, twice. Captain Stu is a Cape Town based, Ska-Funk band, and group of all-round awesome guys.

I first encountered them while out drinking one night in Cape Town. I’d been back in the city for about a week and decided to have a night out with some old friends, who promptly ditched me. Thinking my night was over I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard the words,

“Hey bro, are these seats taken?”

I turned quickly, and there stood Jon, Captain Stu’s saxophone player and guitarist. I didn’t know this at the time of course, but he seemed cool, and I was fresh out of company. We got to chatting and it turned out he lived just down the street from me and had loads of friends, so we got drinking. One week later I was standing in the crowd and heard James, Ryan, Jon, Ryk and Mat do their thing, and bring Cape Town to life for the first time. Their passion and enthusiasm flooded the room. The party had started.

Their music can make you bob your head, make you dance, and I’m sure if they wanted to it could make you fall in love.

Yes it’s true, I’m a fan and I’m proud.

The First album I really got to know was ‘The Adventure of Captain Stu’ which was released in 2009, and has some great tracks like ‘Weyo’ and ‘Blinding Light’.

Their latest release is a five track collection, appropriately named ‘Free Music’ which is available for free download on their website:

I’m not going to try to pick a favorite track, but I will say that this band might be bad for my health. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask; because whenever I listen to them I just want to sit in the sunshine and drink cocktails with my friends, preferably on a beach in Cape Town.

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