Alice Jemima – Live @ Flying With Anna Summer Series 2012

0 Posted by - September 14, 2012 - Folk, Indie, Indie Pop

Alice Jemima’s appeal may lie in her childlike sweetness, but behind those dimples lies a strength and soundness subsequent to her organic talent as a young singer songstress.

Hidden behind a fringe, collared indie blouse, and sporting black velvet shoes, Alice Jemima’s performance permeated effortless indie cool.

With distinct sounding vocals resembling the likes of female artists Lisa Mitchell, Julia Stone and Gossling, Alice Jemima is also frustrating in the sense that you wish they would quit being so innocent and coy and just sing! However her reeling sweetness soon had the audience bopping along to her well-crafted indie/pop tunes, marveling at her delicately articulate and insanely cute uniqueness.

Favourites included the adorable “Say It”, “Far From Here” and her delightfully creative cover of Lana Del Ray’s “Million Dollar Man”.

Thanks to music blog ‘Flying With Anna’, local artists such as Alice Jemima got the opportunity to share their music during the heart of London’s summer. The Flying With Anna Summer Series showcased a bunch of local emerging talent in four consecutive weeks in the most perfect outdoor setting. Trimmed with bunting, fairy lights, rugs and cushions, the series was intimately set in the garden of a cafe in Bethnal Green, London. I conclude the series a great success and look forward to attending more Flying With Anna events in the future.

Alice Jemima has just released her brand new single ‘By Your Side’ which is available on her ‘All The Boyfriends’ EP.  You can purchase her EP via here: All tracks are recorded, written, performed and mixed by Alice Jemima.

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