El Río

0 Posted by - February 18, 2012 - Acoustic, Electro

Veiled by a nebula of mysteriousness, Argentine band, El Rio’s debut album “So Old As To Have Become New Again” presents an array of infectious sing-along electro-pop beats sprinkled with Julian Casablancas style vocals. The first single off the new album, “We’ve Both Got Fire” is a cluster of retro sound effects with a rhythm that makes tapping along almost inevitable.

The band, formed in early 2011, began with organic home recordings, which eventually progressed into “So Old”. Described in their own words as “IndieElectroLatinRock”, the album samples a bundle of every day sounds such as; computer “pop-up” warnings and kitchen utensils, combining them with 80s synths and beats. A weird and unconventional combination however, it certainly works for them. El Río are influenced by many different artists from a vast collection of genres, which is evident due to their highly diverse sound.

As “Blue Sun” proceeds to play, you can’t help but feel blissful. Full to the brim and overflowing with catchy lyrics, and contagious beats, the band brings something new to the table. Something special, yet it’s hard to distinguish exactly what it is. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they diminish all previous stereotypes and attributes of Indie-Rock bands, and truly stick to their own guns? Stand out tracks “Found” and “Doses” are a perfect blend of acoustics and new age electronic beats, instigating dancing and foot tapping.

“So Old As To Have Become New Again” is the perfect sound track to Spring/Summer 2012, providing nonchalant melodies and jubilant lyrics, resulting in a completely sublime experience. The band are gearing up to play three UK dates in March, as listed.

March 15- Nambucca London, UK
March 20- Nambucca London, UK
March 21- The Dublin Castle London, UK

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